my wish list for vacation

i have so many awesome trips planned this summer - sandestin, orlando, orange county, atlanta, fort walton, and las vegas (hopefully!) - that i'm itching to shop for. here's what's on my wish list:

the romper:

i love these! this falls under my mom's "should have saved those 25 years ago" category. because of my height, sometimes i look like a giant baby in a onesie, but ella moss makes a long romper - perfect for tall girls!  you can find this one at bloomingdales (ella moss, $132).

the plastic watch:
i adore my white plastic watch. it goes with everything, it's carefree, and it makes anyone look tan! toy makes a beautiful watch - but you can find knock-offs in most boutiques. you can find this one at saks (toy watches, $295).

the panama hat:
j.crew has done it again. this hat is an instant classic - the look of a fedora with a timeless, casual edge. i tried this on in j.crew's the beach store in sandestin and fell in love instantly. they offer two colors - the one above looks fabulous on my dark hair. you can find this in any j.crew store (j.crew, $58).

the boho bikini:
a little bit surfer girl, a touch bohemian, a missoni look-a-like - this bikini covers all the bases. billabong classifies this bikini under "must-haves" - and i couldn't agree more. it's sold in separates available in s, m, l. the top's called isabella and matches the dana bottoms. you can get it in select stores, billabong stores, and online (billabong, isabella $38, dana $39.50).

happy summer shopping!

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  1. I'm obsessed with the Rompers!!! I saw about twenty girls wearing ones when I went to a Braves game last month and I had never seen them before, but I was like Wow! I want one of those! I am not sure if they will look good on my body type, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a good one!